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About StalkBuyLove

StalkBuyLove company was founded by Europe based experts in Fashion. You'll find wide range of fashion products here - all in trend and all with best designs. Every fashion forward lady looks for latest trends at affordable prices and that exactly is what StalkBuyLove provides.  

StalkBuyLove experts follow trends across globe and bring them to you. Trends keep changing everyday. It's never that easy to, you know, keep yourself up to date with all fashion world happenings yourself. But worry not, StalkBuyLove does it for you. Check out their what's new collection every now and then to know what's hot in the market. Dresses, Blazers, Shorts and Blouses, Leggings, Jeggings, Jeans, Skirts, Sweats and Cardigans, Bags, Purses, Belts, Scarves, Co-ordinates, Beachwear, Hair Accessories, Chokers, Vests, Dungarees etc are what you can expect in this section. And these keep changing every day, replaced with more trendy and latest ones.

We all have an urge to touch and feel the fabric we are gonna put on our bodies. How it fits, how it looks etc. This is something most people miss from online shopping. But to reduce that gap, StalkBuyLove tries to provide all information related to size, fabric, comfort, fit etc., It makes it easier for one to choose the product they want to buy. Morever there are world class styles on site that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

You can also checkout their collections, dresses and tops which are super good. Stalker is where you will the lookbook and who is wearing what info, you know, so you can decide if you want it too.

And then there's trending now section, this is like the super hot of the fashion market. You will find various categories to shop from here, along with the meaning they hold in fashion market. Be sure to give them a try. After all who doesn't want to follow the trend.

StalkBuyLove operates only in Fashion sector of e-commerce like that of Myntra and Jabong which together own a controlling share of almost 70%. There are other companies in this sector like Koovs, Voonik, LimeRoad, Yufta,  StyleTag, Wooplr, Coutloot etc.

Now think of a fashion product you wish to buy and head to StalkBuyLove.

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In case you've to return items back to StalkBuyLove, please retain your shopping receipt and update their customer care on 01140007000 or email them the tracking info on so as to enable us them to track the delivery of your returns and refund you accordingly.

What they claim:

"A one-click "en Vogue" destination. Get your daily dose with the trendiest styles and best fashion inspiration updated on our fashion portal every day. We provide unprecedented access to the hottest and handpicked looks of the current season; looks that are inspired from celebrities, European catwalks and high-end luxury labels. As soon as we design new styles, we make them accessible online within 10 days from conceptualization. Styles might be quickly sold out because we do not keep a lot of stock - so you have to purchase quickly to avoid out of stocks. Our designs are super unique, so you will likely not find anybody else wearing the styles that we have. Every day we work hard to ensure that our designs are absolutely unique, beautiful and trendy. We make the latest fashion accessible; provide the prettiest pieces in town and hand-pick the fabrics, colors, prints and designs. We triple check each product before we put it online and send it to you. We personally look at things like fitting, color, comfort, design and quality to ensure that everything is perfect. Keep Stalking, Buying and Loving :)"

Latest News on StalkBuyLove

What's Hot on StalkBuyLove right now!
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Well,StalkBuyLove,as you know, has the hottest collection out there. Captivating Styles, never fading fashion is, of course, something they are very proud of. But then Fashion changes every day. For someone who wants it up-to-date an extra effort needs to be put in. Needless to say StalkBuyLove being so customer centric did go to that extent where it has a whole category dedicated to the most trending apparel and fashion out there. 

Lets see what's on it today.

Ruffles:  A strip of cloth, lace, etc., drawn up by gathering along one edge and used as a trimming on a dress, blouse, etc.

A collection of these are available here. Check them out. Not only do they look good, but also they are quite a fit to your body and come at real addictive prices. Starting at as low as Rs.599 (A wow fact). You really got to have them in your wardrobe or you'll be left behind in the fashion world. There could be an increase in the price compared to that shown in the display but that would be because the price for plus sizes has to be a bit higher because they consume more material. Color may vary a bit too depending on your display. Act before the style is sold out!

Off Shoulder: Design not covering or falling of the shoulder.

Off shoulder tops are a phenomena unlike any we have seen before. The moment this style was announced, almost retailer and  e-tailer stock was filled with these in style. Items were sold out in hours. Now you'd think like any other style, this would run its course too in time. But the opposite has happened. They continue to remain in demand. Since its debut, off shoulder style has evolved  from being just a straight-across style - there are now one-shoulder, cutout, asymmetrical and strappy counterparts that are just as stylish. You'll find them all here on this page too. Add them to your collection today.

Denim: A coarse, twilled cotton fabric, often blue, traditionally used for overalls, work clothes and now used for jeans and casual wear.

I wonder if Denim every runs out of styles to come up with. Quantifying appeal is really hard. However denims are unmatched in terms of comfort and style alike. What used to be a normal clothing  has now risen to be a fashion icon and is being adorned by fashion models and normal people like. It has almost become a symbol of modelling and modern culture. Be at a denim shrug or jacket or jeans or skit, everyone digs it. They all lure consumers to shop for denims. May be the reason why it also made the list of StalkBuyLove's trending products. Look around at their collection and see if you like anything.

Bell Sleeves: Narrow at top, that flares at its bottom edge like a bell.

Another trend you should definitely catch up with if you haven't already.  Designers, I guess, have taken a strong hold of the bell-sleeve silhouette and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. These particular pieces might though. Bell sleeves fashion is a new take on a going out top - It is fun, dramatic and perfect if you are looking to make a fashion statement. Either wear a culottes or a ruffled skirt with these, or balance out the oversize proportions of the sleeves by pairing it with skinny jeans or slim trousers. Your new look is calling you. Don't you not heed!

Lace: A netlike ornamental fabric made of threads by hand or machine; needlework of drawing the thread or yarn through interwined loops

Season after season, lace features on catwalks everywhere. It is almost as if it is a must in fashion. White crochets are worn in summer, while in winter, red and black lace party dresses get us to the mood. Lace has been in fashion for quite some time now. And is going to be. If the obvious of look of it is not a reason on to why the royals love it so, what else is! Lace trend is here to stay. Hence StalkBuyLove trying to draw your attention to it. Buy one of these and add them to your wardrobe before they run out of stock.

Embroidered: Patterns sown onto cloth using threads of different colors

Embroidered has made a come back in 2016 and it does look like it's going to stay here for a while too. Check out all the cool embroidered designs on StalkBuyLove today. Many celebrities have been seen wearing these of late.  It is everywhere now - chain-stitching its way across dress hems, belts, bags, knitwear and denim. It is making its mark. With the power to lend glamour to the utilitarian, this embellishment is still sober enough to be worn in the day. Add one of these to your wardrobe now. 

Now that you know where this fashion world is going, set your best fashion foot forward too with one of the above styles. Do not miss out on this collection. 

StalkBuyLove - A journey!
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StalkBuyLove was founded in 2013 by Rocket Internet alumni Tushar Ahluwalia, Nishrit Srivastva, Aashna Chopra and fashion expert Shikha Ahluwalia. StalkBuyLove is a fashion-focused private label eCommerce company with a tech-enabled supply-chain model. It purchases raw material and creates prototype, which are uploaded on the company website and clothing is manufactured once an order for the same is received.

StalkBuyLove was launched with an all new business model which is still considered to be a super star of all the models. It is a fashion-focused private label e-commerce company and it had a tech-enabled supply-chain model. Cool, right? Fashion and Tech mixed in the right proportions, a perfect recipe for success. What they basically do, instead of purchasing or manufacturing clothing up front thus investing money and crying over it when they don’t get sold, they purchase raw materials first, and then create a prototype that they can put on their website. Once it is uploaded and is ordered for, then they get onto manufacturing that piece. This way they are potentially reducing damages, unsold items, warehouse cost etc. Smart! If that is not enough, the co-founder of StalkBuyLove, Ahluwalia, recently went onto claim that they can break even whenever they want to. Now there aren’t many founders out there who could say the same. Awesome business model to have inspired such high confidence. They have good margins and the business model is inherently profitable too.

While quite a few e-tailers (even ones like Amazon and Alibaba) are supporting omni-channel strategy are setting physical stores up too, StalkBuyLove still hasn’t made any move in that direction yet. If anything, they did say that they only plan on scaling online right now, and offline business right now is something that they aren’t very keen about to be focusing on. Well, yeah. If you could make it so big online, why’d you want to go to the trouble of going offline?

Competition in any market exists only we are trying to sell the same product. You sell a banana and I also sell a banana, then obviously one of us will have to win to sell it, and we both try to win, thus creating a competition. Buy StalkBuyLove has made another smart move here, they sell unique products that are not found elsewhere. So they really are just trying to create a market for their products as they do not have what others would call cut throat competition to worry about. Probably is the reason why at a time when Indian ecommerce companies are struggling due to intense competition and fast cash burnouts, Tushar Ahulwalia, is oblivious of any struggle whatsoever. This competition doesn't shift their focus from the product to beating it, which is a good thing, because they can now entirely focus on quality of service they provide to the customers instead of relying on burning cash to acquire them. As they do it, they can also get the loyalty customers. Which would mean they can run their product just fine without really having to throw huge discounts thus putting a dent in their margins. Smart one again!

Keeping all thes claims aside, StalkBuyLove did get hurt once because of the competition. In an attempt to fight Amazon and Flipkart, many fashion startups tried deep discounting and aggressive marketing. StalkBuyLove is thought to be one of them.They piled up heavy losses in the last fiscal year. Voonik, Zivame, Koovs, LimeRoad, StalkBuyLove and CraftsVilla together reported a loss of some Rs.515 Crores for the year through March 2016, compared to Rs.134 Crores the year before. After this incident many industry experts have expressed that they are unsure of the space these small players in the market have to operate.

According to a Morgan Stanley report, Indian Internet market would grow to $159 billion by 2020 from $16 billion now. That's quite a lot of growth we are looking at. But this space is very competitive, and sales are primarily driven by big discount, so small layer struggle to gain ground. Fashion trinity - Flipkart, Myntra and Jabong - this group alone captures about 70% of the market, while Amazon, Snapdeal and Shopclues cover another 20%, leaving only 10% for the rest to fight in. But almost all these companies seem to be just in a valuation game. "Glory is in how much money they have raised and how much more they will raise. They will all say that these aren't losses, instead they are investments. When investors realise and stop pumping in crores, there will be shutdowns and only brand builders will survive", said Harminder Sahni, founder of Wazir Advisors. Hopefully StalkBuyLove brand can keep it alive and running longer.

Indian online fashion retailers including Jabong, Myntra, Koovs, LimeRoad, Voonik and younger startups such as StyleTag and Wooplr can be counted among the company’s direct competitors.

Now that its USP is clear, everyday fashion products that are not found elsewhere, let’s move on to the financials. What keeps it running and how well it is running.

StalkBuyLove raised its first funding in March 2016 where 500 Startups and German venture fund Littlerock invested.

The company posted $2 million (Rs 14 crore) in revenue for the financial year ended March 2016, compared with $1 million for FY15. Which is a 100% growth in revenue and which does mean super good margins it is running at.

Fashion space in India is a market dominated by Flipkart owned online fashion store Myntra and Jabong which together contribute to a control of almost 70% share. Other players in the market being LimeRoad, Koovs, Voonik and a bunch of other players like Yufta, StyleTag, Wooplr and Coutloot. StalkBuyLove has come to operate in the same space too, and its unique products are the ones keeping it from getting stomped over.

December this year, StalkBuyLove raised another round founding which came close to Rs.41 crores or $6 million. This is its series A funding round and was led by Kalaari capital. Now StalkBuyLove is planning to expand its business as the market is getting crowded day by day. Germany’s VCDE Venture Parntners, Investment Firm TTM Holding AG, Singularity Ventures, Asia Venture Group, Asian E-commerce Alliance, Kabs Ventures and FabIndia Managing Director William Bissell invested money in this round.

So it’d be like StalkBuyLove has money, motivation and margins all that are needed to make it big in the Fashion Startup Space. Whether they make remains to be seen!