Imagine a trip where you and your family take off with a driver and he refuses to stop at more than three locations because that is how much is allowed according to the rental company - you get pissed off, won't you? Well, here's to the good news. Myles, a car rental company, lets you take a car from them and drive around yourself. Whenever you want. Wherever you want. However you want. Prices of Myles cars are quite affordable on top of which there are some offers that you definitely can't miss driving with. Myles coupons and Myles discount vouchers are now available on GoSavin exclusively.

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About Myles

Myles is India's first car rental company that comes with very few restrictions. Once you rent the car out, it is yours until you choose to pay off and rent it. Now if you are here in the city and are planning a trip with your friends over the weekend or are new to the city and are looking for a car temporarily for your stay - Myles can be your go to. They have the best of cars in the best condition that you can choose from. Also their prices are quite affordable. Who would've thought you can skip buying a car, all those taxes and registration fees and still be able to enjoy a car drive around? Well that exactly is what Myles offers you. Their staff is highly friendly in case you were to request assistance. Myles currently has 48+ variants, presence in 250 locations in 21 cities and a lot more.

Compact SUVs, Electrical Vehicles, Hatchbacks, Luxury , MUV, Sedan, SUV - you can decide on what you want to drive. Just pick one and travel unlimited kilometers. Prices start at as low as Rs.1599 a day and on top of it you can combine these prices with that of coupons on GoSavin ie., Myles Coupons and drive around at a much cheaper rate.

Process there is quite simple. You go create an account an Myles to get started. Now Choose your city and pickup location and the date of travel. It will throw a list of all vehicles available and the prices you can get them at. All you have to do is pick one you like. And then book the ride. At the said time, go to the pickup location you chose, show your driving license and get the car. Take it for a spin. There is no restriction on how far one can travel to. Take it around all you want. And when you are done signal for the ride to stop and return the car. And pay the bill, of course.

Just because it is coming with no security deposit, doesn’t mean they are being careless either. Their cars all have well fitted GPS systems that will track where one is travelling and so. Also the speeds at which one is travelling. So it’d be easier to be sure that their cars are not being stolen. Also they have a huge consumer base whose rental details are captured. Like what times they are renting a care, their return times and their speeds etc. So they will rate consumers based on the understanding they have of them. Cool, right?

Latest News on Myles

Myles - No Security Deposit anymore
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Mylescars, a car sharing and self driving car rental service, has recently announced that it was waiving off of security deposits completely. Company has, in past, reduced security deposits as they seemed like an obstacle when trying to get a customer to book a drive. Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 did seem huge to many. So the decrease didn’t work either. And the company ended up removing the security deposit completely. Now the service is more affordable and has extended its reach to a much broader and wider market. Now just about anyone with a driving license and an urge to go on long drive can book a car. However a “Loss Damage Waiver” is set for cars with no security deposit. Also before the age limit for someone to rent a car used to be 23 now it is just 21. So the customer base has increased too. This according to the company could increase their bookings by 25-35%.  Since customers would not worry about refunds or blocks on cards anymore. Maximum speed limit has been increased from 100km to 120km too on highways and expressways.

Sakshi says it will become crucial as the realisation dawns among industry stakeholders that shared economy is the inevitable solution to the cities’ traffic woes and environmental impact, since it is a proven fact from the experience of the developed markets that one car has the potential to replace 25 on the road. And that their intiative is a step in the right direction.

Let us hope so!

Self Driving Space - What's happening?
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Every other self-drive car rentals company starts with its own fleet. A few cars that they buy to get started in the business. But as they grow they'll need more and more. So they tie up with offline rental companies and other dealers to expand their fleet without having to invest money into buying new ones. Now as a third step most of these rental companies are trying to pull private owners in. But our laws do not really allow this. Because a private owned vehicle cannot be used for commercial purpose as per the law created in 1986. Now a lot of these rental companies are asking for an amendment that might come sooner or later - but that's a different thing.

So since they cannot pull existing car owners into their scheme Myles Angels or ZoomCar Associate Program owing to their private registration, these companies have come up with a new scheme where in they would tie up with finance companies and banks that would provide customers loans at a much smaller interest rate than they otherwise would've to bear. In return, customers will have to get their vehicles registered in the particular rental companies name and it stays that way for a period of 3 years according to the agreement. Later they'll have vehicle transferred to the customer's name. Meanwhile customer would bear the EMI charges and etc. But if anyone were to rent a car that the customer owns in company's name, he'd get a share of the margins generated. Cool, right! He could even generate as much as the EMI of the car. And not have to pay anything at all. So in three or so years he'd have a car to his name that he/she got at the lowest price possible.

It'd have been a lot easier for companies to pull private owners directly in but then the Government still doesn't think it's good to be letting them use those private vehicles for a commercial purpose. They might be right in their own ways.

Zoomcar already says 20% of their fleet is private owned and is expecting it to be 75% by the end of 2020. Similar is the case with Myles. All these companies are trying to come up with innovative ways to scale up their fleet. But at the end of the day, nothing can be huge than having private owned cars on the platform. If only government were to let private vehicles for commercial use, it'd be a huge benefit to them. But looks like that's going to take some tme, so this other alternative is good enough for now.


So, the whole industry has gone through three stages: first we started buying our own cars on our books. Then we realized that this will require us to build very large balance sheets which takes time, so we thought, let us go asset light. Then the second model was to have others—like offline car rental companies—put their self-drive cars on our platform. This is what we have been doing for quite some time. The third step is where every individual is contributing one car to our platform - said Anupam Agarwal, co-founder and CEO at Revv, a Delhi-based start-up launched in 2015.

Out of 365 days, an Indian family uses a car for 100 to 120 days on an average. Sometimes you need a car only for a few hours. Why should you pay EMIs for years and spend on parking, maintenance and insurance when you can get the same comfort for a fraction of the cost? - Sakshi from Myles

Before booking a car!
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Until a few years ago a drive during vacation would've only been possible if you had a car or if you could lend one from your friend. This probably would've limited your plans too. You can't buy a car only for vacations nor can you go around asking friends everytime.

But that has changed now. You can rent a car for however long you want and go around the world like you wish to. There are many multi-city self drive car rentals such as Myles, Zoomcar, Revv and JustRide. And there is no shortage of options either, there are so many models you could choose from. Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs; Petrol and Diesel; automatic and manual transmission. There are apps and websites where you can book a ride at and they'll be delivered to your doorstep or to a nearbuy pickup location. Easy, isn't it?

All you have to do before booking a ride: Check for the price, now various cars have various prices on different platforms. Choose wisely based on your budget and also based on how many of you are travelling, for how long etc. For 2, even a nano car would be comfortable. But as the number goes up, you'll need a hatchback to be more comfortable. Make a choice here. There could be other costs too, make sure you check them too. 

And these car companies could have security deposit. Myles doesn't. But others do. Now see if that works out. And there are other things such as damage costs. Also some companies charge penalty for over speeding. That is going above 100-125km. Their GPS fitted systems enable this. Technology, wow, right?

Myles - A journey!
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Myles was launched in 2013 by Saskhi Vij. She is currently the Founder, CEO of Myles and Executive director, Carzonrent.  This company, though, has been running only for less than 4 years now, has already got a significant customer base (upwards 2lakhs). This truly is a story of success.

Number of cars increase in India everyday. More and more people buy cars spending their hard earned income only to park them at a pace (which they probably are paying for too). Out of 365 days in an year, on an average Indians use car only 100-120 days. So all this other while the EMIs they pay, the maintenance they bear and the parking bills or insurance - these are all a sheer waste of money. What if they had an alternative? What if they could rent a car whenever they want and pay only for how long they use it? No hustle No bustle. No security deposit. Just rent a car, take it for a spin, pay for the drive - and continue with your life. No tensions of EMIs or Insurance or anything else. That surely makes for a good idea and that exactly is what Sakshi conceived and put to execution. Get the same comfort at a fraction of cost.

Her logic is quite simple if you think about it - actual usage of the cars is on a decline in the country despite more vehicles being added every day. True, as people are buying a car even when they see no use for it. Sometimes for prestige, sometimes with anticipation.

Being someone who has smart and sharp insights into the target segment and the market dynamics for self-drive cars she did put in quite a lot to have ensured her company moves on fast track. Before they turned 28 months, Myles went on from 14 cars in two cities to 38 models of 1000 cars - compact SUVs, electric cars, hatchbacks, luxury cars, MUVs, sedans and SUVs in 21 cities.

Currently Myles has 38+ models with a presence in 21 cities. There are around 250+ pickup locations you can get a car from.

Myles was started with seed money from Carzonrent. It has always been Vij's objective to expand to high-demand cities and ensure that Myles cars were available within five kilometers radius in those places.

This company also works with airports, metro authorities, local malls, resident welfare associations and parking are owners to create the locations. Variety of cars they have is appreciable - in fact Myles were the first to include electric cars in their fleet.

There are stories across media of people who have chosen Myles instead of Air Travel or any other service to travel around and saved 1000s. That definitely is a problem solved. There was a HR professional who took a tour around India in a nano rented from Myles and has saved Rs.15000. Quite a lot of money!

Security deposit, though, sounded like an obstacle. They tried reducing it by almost 90% but that didn't remove it either. So recently Myles made a move and removed security deposits for good. This should help them increase their bookings from 500+ a day to a higher figure.

Also for the safety of the cars, meticulous attention is paid to all other rental parameters. All vehicles are insured and fitted with GPS systems, and the vehicles offered by fleet operators and car dealers are checked before they are picked up the customer. Female customers are identified as high-priority ones according to company's reservation system. Consumers are rated on various factors too, like on-time return, speed at which they drove etc.

Myles still has a long way to go and adding self drive owners to the site would be probably be a bigger step ahead. But for that they'll have to wait till government amends their self drive policy dated 1986 and that prohibits car owners from using their vehicles for commercial use. But the 100s of queries they get from private car owners everyday asking if they could rent their vehicles as well if anything is an indication that this needs to change. In a way this could reduce the number of vehicles added to the roads too. Because people will either have other options available or because they have options to rent their car. This is yet to be seen.

Myles, "Your City, Your Choice, Our Car, You drive", is currently operating with over 100+ employees working in Marketing, Technology and Fleet Development Verticals.

By 2020, they plan on adding 50000 cars and be present in 50 cities of the current and have five million customers registered. Neat aim!

All the best, Myles!