Koovs.com - Simpler, Smoother and Faster - Fashion for Fashion Forward India. Koovs designs are inspired by International Runaways and Global Street Scene. Just because its fashion, it doesn't have to be costly. And Koovs does seem to agree with us on this. They offer fashion at real affordable prices. Once a Koovs shopper, always a Koovs shopper. Such is their fashion sense and customer centric attitude. While Koovs already comes at decent prices, it also so happens that now and then they decide to make it super decent making it affordable to anyone and everyone. Fashions Feasts that run for days. Koovs offers and Koovs coupons are what we at GoSavin are gonna bring to you. Stay tuned to this page for more updates!

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About Koovs

Whether you are a part of Fashion world or just planning on stepping into it, Koovs surely is your go-to place. There isn’t nothing in Fashion that you wouldn’t find on Koovs. Their collection is inspired by International Runaways and Global street scene. But unlike the usual brands that would also add the weight of the price to the weight of the brand, Koovs tries to bring them to a customer at quite affordable prices. So until now you love Fashion, but now you can afford it too! Simply awesome, right?

They have two teams buyers. One in London and the other in India. Efficient a team such as that they bring curated edit of Indian and International brands that ensure versatility and style. So now instead of just keeping up with the fashion trend and buying stock for it, Koovs also takes upon it to create a new fashion brand every month. Their team of designers in London take up this task.

They launch around 150 products every week. This guarantees that you wouldn’t end up shopping from the same collection every time, that you also have something new to pick.  Koovs is the only e-tailer in India to collaborate on capsule collections will famous names in global fashion. Names like Patrick Cox, Henry Holland, Giles Deacon and Mawi Keivom were heard of. Pankaj and Nidhi, the notable duo in Indian Fashion, also have collaborated with Koovs.

Koovs aim is to make online shopping simpler, faster and smoother. For one to get better idea of the product they are buying Koovs has a lot of catwalk videos, 360 degree videos etc. They try hard to keep the shopping experience of a customer consistent. And also there is a lot of fashion content on their website, new styles, what’s trending, fashion icons interviews and how and what you should wear. Also there is style edition that comes every week from Koovs that talks about the latest trends and what you should update your wardrobe with.

Their western wear of women is patently perfect with flawless fashion staples. Also the essentials to own is a super good collection that you should totally check out.

You can either shop by product or shop by occasion. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. You can get all of them here.Under Trending Now you will find products that your peer fashion lovers are very excited to possess in their wardrobe. And then the collection of items under Rs.999 is awesome and totally affordable too. And then there is best of Koovs section that you should check out. You can buy fashion online. Dresses, Tops, Jumpsuits and playsuits, skirts, jeans, trousers & leggings, shorts, bags and purses, accessories, sunglasses, jewellery, watches, beauty products are what any fashion forward lady could shop from. Then there is Shop by edit which has Campus Edit, Denim shop, workwear, Leisure wear, date nights. Then must haves for Fashion lovers. Distressed Denim, Yellow, Statement Tees, Metallic Accessories, Mules, Frills and Ruffles, Embroidery. Or you can just simply shop by brand, Koovs, New Look, Spring Break, Adidas and Beyond Clouds, Glamorous, A-Z brands and Femella are a few you can choose from.

Unlike many other shopping brands, Koovs focus is not just on fashion loving ladies. They have it for guys too. Clothing, Shoes and Accessories like that of Women. Trending Now and Best of Koovs sections. And then to shop by product from Shirts, T-Shirts & Polo Shirst, Jeans, Vests, Trousers and Chinos, Jog Pants, Pullovers, Shorts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Coats and Jackets, Innerwear and Socks, Loungewear, Swimwear, Shoes, Boots and Trainers, Bags and Wallets, Sunglasses, Watches, Jewellery. You can shop by edit. Or by the brand. Or based on Must  haves. Patches, Ripped Jeans, White, Statement Tees, Pastel Shades, Statement Stripes, Camo etc. Or by brand, Koovs, Flying Machine, New Look, Spring Break, Adidas, Jack & Jones, Nike and A-Z brands.

Now when you have such wide range of options, why would you not want to choose one.

Last but not least, their Return policy is quite simple too.

Koovs.com works hard to provide customers with the latest fashion at impeccable quality and amazing prices. If you did not like the fit, colour or design simply return/exchange the product within 15 days of delivery.

To return/exchange a product, use their easy online returns process by logging in to your koovs.com account. You can also Call their customer Care Team on 0124-6770000 (Working hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm) or email them at care@m-eretail.com.

The Return process - Online Return/Exchange—You can return or exchange an item online at Koovs.com by following the below steps.

  • Log in to the 'My Account' section at Koovs.com

  • Select the product that needs to be returned/exchanged

  • Follow the steps and fill in the required information to complete the process.

Now shop at Koovs with latest fashion coupons, koovs coupons, koovs offers, koovs fashion, koovs discounts and have your wardrobe updated to the newest look!

Latest News on Koovs

Do men shop?
Posted on:

Do men shop too?

Of course they do, says Koovs!

Koovs, as we know markets Western street styles and limited edition designer pieces. It when asked for a comment said men contribute to 40% of their sales, spending almost as much time per session as women do. They spend equally Rs.2000 a month or so according to Jabong which also claims a 40% male customer-base. Compared to women men buy higher value items. They buy fewer and costlier items. Women are mostly led by discounts but men by the quality and brand of the product.

Myntra, on the other hand, says it has more men than women checking out.60:40. "Men are getting increasingly fashion forward, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities," says Sivaram Kowta, vice president, Men's Apparel, Myntra. With an eye on developing their male clientele, Myntra recently introduced a Plus Size store which accounts for 13% of men's apparel sales. "And we recently organised a Mantastic Day sale for the first time. It saw a great response and we plan to host the next edition soon," says Kowta.

This change is being called the Menaissance - men’s awakening to fashion and style. Men are now willing to be fashionable and style. It is not like fashion is only men anymore.

I guess, in future, we’ll also get to hear complaints of women claiming their husbands are spending too much shopping or that they have more shoes than their wives do. Funny, right? But not not possible.

India's online fashion market is on its way to becoming the most-shopped digital category by 2020, according to a Google-AT Kearney report, accounting for about $21 billion (Rs 1.4 lakh crore) of the country's total e commerce spending by then.

Currently, Flipkart, with its fashion units Myntra and the recently acquired Jabong, is estimated to have a 65-70% share of India's online fashion market. Amazon and Snapdeal claim another 20-25% share. Even if the niche retailers account for a 10% market share by 2020, as now, that would still be a significant $2.1 billion.

How much of it is going to be men is yet to be seen!

Koovs - And what we know of its financials
Posted on:

A quick update on the financials:

Koovs reported gross sales of Rs. 162 Crores for the full year ended 31st March 2017. Which is a neat 87% year growth from last year, where it was just Rs.98.1 crores. This is only sales, which would also include returns. In the previous year 98.1 crores was in gross sales, where net sales were 68.7 crores according to their annual report. Ie., returns were 29.78% of gross sales. If the company hasn’t disclosed all revenues, gross sales won’t represent all the revenues the company made. Revenues in FY16 were Rs.51.24 crores and so its loss was Rs.165.04 crores. For FY17 this data is not available yet and is yet to be waited for.

Koovs said it “continued to improve its gross margin position by improving intake margin and controlling the level of discounts given, and expects to generate positive gross margins in FY18.”

Whether it would achieve positive gross margins is yet to be seen. Lets just hope they do in FY18 so at least there is one company out there which doesn’t only produce losses but also revenues.

All the best Koovs!

A look inside Koovs!
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Wondering how and what actually went on since the inception of Koovs? Here you go!

In an interview of late, Gaurav Nabh, Marketing director at Koovs said this about the brand:

“A fashion brand excited me more than the category. In the current scenario, e-Commerce players are spending 8X money on discounts and promos, 2X-3X money on building brands and very less brands on building a product. This is a big problem. When I was discussing about joining Koovs.com, I found that the brand is working exactly in an opposite manner to the e-Commerce space. 8X of its money is going into product.

Players in the e-Commerce space have to understand that if they have a great product, people will follow. For example, consumers across the globe visit traditional garment brand outlets for buying clothes. And these stores do not offer discounts but people visit there regularly as they offer great product.”

True to his word - the brand did gain a good customer without having to give discounts there by putting a dent in their cash reserve there by reducing the money that goes into the product itself.

So such a fashion band as Koovs, which seem to have changed its business models quite a lot, until it was sure of what worked, how did it start? Who started it? Read through for answers.

Koovs was established in 2010 and its Indian headquarters are at Gurgaon! Founders being Amit Shukla, Manish Tiwari and Rajesh Kamra! A dream destination for every fashion forward person! Their designs are inspired by the universal runaways, celebrity looks, and global street style. Fashion that is captivating and yet at affordable prices!

Group buying was a rage back in 2010. Around 50 companies mushroomed with the same motto of allowing Koovs. But that didn’t work for long. Koovs like any other business started with heavy deals and discounts of 50-90%. It used to be a digital platform for businesses like restaurants, clothes sellers etc. Sales of these businesses were increased over the platform. Koovs being the first company to have done it garnered a lot of attraction of the customers and in no time it had 5 lakh subscribers. Huge, right? Well, then investors started looking at it too. And in 2011, BenefitsPLUS, a rewards and loyalty program company invested $2 million for stake in the company. Then since what they were doing wasn’t going anywhere, they moved on to being a ecommerce platform from being a deal site. This was when Nahata family entered for a 44% stake in the company. They invested INR 140 crores to start dealing with sales of mobiles and electronic gadgets. But this wasn’t working out for them either.

Nahata’s family owned a 44% stake in company, such losses once they burnt their fingers meant a huge loss for them. Most would’ve chosen to just shut stop and be happy with whatever was left. But Anant Nahata did something different. Since he knew  there were Amazon and Flipkart like major players to do broad-based fashion, he decided to do a niche  and move to high street fashion instead. This decision wasn’t easier. It meant convincing a lot of people. But Anant was determined. And so he did achieve it. The he pulled in Waheed Alli on board as Chairman of Koovs, and Robert Bready as Director of Creative and Retail. Cool move! Considering the experience they have in the industry. That also worked out quite well for Koovs.

Alli is a British politician and the former chairman of Asos.com, a UK-based online fashion retail giant. Under Alli, the company grew 750 times in 12 years, and has revenues of $3 billion today. Bready was the product and training head of Asos.com. Nahata's wife Neha, who is a fashion designer, assists him in curating the latest designs.

Nahata surely is trying to replicate the offline model of Zara. He seems to be primarily investing in Technology, primarily mobile this year.

Unlike other brands Koovs has always been seen collaborating with different people who can give the brand a different and cool design with an edge over rivals. They one roped in London-based illustrator Hattie Stewart, who was known for her unique and playful artwork. She designed for the women’s collection which totally was in line with terms that Koovs adheres too - cool, comfortable, laidback and quirky. In another instance, they tied up Delhi-based designer-duo Gauri and Nainika Karan in 2016 for a line of elegant party dresses for women. The collection was launched in Novemeber, last year.

Manish Arora who has until now designed fashion for women only and is known for it was approached by Koovs to design Men’s wear. Probably the first time he did. But when the collection was launched on Koovs, it became an instant super hit.

That’s the thing with Koovs, they always do things differently. And they also claim that there is talent and Koovs knows how to find it. All the designs are done in India and London but the sourcing of material and manufacturing in India.

Coming to their marketing their first multi media campaign campaign is Step into Koovs.Which surely is a success.It comes with a music video too. The campaign makes use of television, cinema billboards, print media, digital media that has helped Koovs increase the sales by a monstrous 210%. When this campaign was launched, nobody thought about this much success of the campaign as it has recorded sales of INR 29.5 crores in just 14 weeks which was merely INR 9.5 crores for the same period in last year. Apart from this, Koovs has witnessed its weekly traffic of more than 1.5 million visitors. It has also increased the brand awareness to 8 per cent which was 1 percent earlier. Content developed around culture is one way of getting customers to see it. After Step into Koovs theirs sales, installs, customer numbers have gone up. And with tech to make smart decisions and people to support them Koovs does look like it knows what it is doing.

In terms of marketing for this category, there are not many challenges that it might face. But then the bigger challenge would be to figure out what the customer would want to buy 6 months from now. And Koovs trying to build technology that would be able to answer such questions. Koovs.com aims to be distinctive, disruptive and constantly go out to the relevant consumer. The question is how does one address the blind spot?


Koovs and its focus on private labels
Posted on:

It is a known fact that fashion and lifestyle segment space in India is quite overcrowded. Fashion Trinity Flipkart, Myntra and Jabong together share a decent 70% of the market while remaining players fight in the 30%.

There are many aspiring players in the space like Koovs, StalkBuyLove, LimeRoad, CoutLoot, Wooplr in this 30%.

But if recent reports were to be believed Koovs the fashion e-commerce players has registered a 87% growth in its sales. Which is 100% increase in its units. This e-tailer was also fashioned on the successful UK online retailer Asos. This London based company, whose India headquarter is located in Gurgaon, aims to generate gross positive margins by the financial year 2018. Cool, right?

But there is a definite competition in the fashion and lifestyle space. So if Koovs is here to stay, it should come up with something special to retain customers than just typical products. Hence the brand has recently decided to focus more on private labels. Talking to Media recently, Manisha Rana, CMO of Koovs said, having private-label online is becoming critical as it brings the differentiation factor in a brand’s product offering. She also said building business on deep discounts is not sustainable in the long run. True, as soon as the discounts are gone, customers will just move to other e-tailer throwing discounts. Meaning discounts demand sales not loyalty. So a differentiator factor could lay more a strong foundation to a long term relationship than discounts do.

Koovs currently holds a market share of 4% in the online western fashion space of India. They also signed a partnership with Souq.com recently which sells its private label line in the Middle East.

40% of their sales currently come from private labels and the brand is still aiming to increase the number. They are also coming up with a lot of innovative marketing campaigns according to a source