Were there not times when you were super hungry but did not feel like cooking? Or going out and getting food because you were too lazy? Happens to all of us. What if I told you you do not even to leave the comfort of your couch and can still get any meal you want delivered right at your door step? Cool, right! That's what FoodPanda offers you. The convenience. And the delivery charges aren't that high either. Also there are fests any time that offer upto 40% OFF on the menus of restaurants. Yummy deals, right? I know. Whether it is foodpanda first time user offer or first time coupon or existing fest and offers we at gosavin are going to have them all updated on our page, right here! All you have to do is stay tuned to this page! And enjoy the meal as the foodpanda delivery guys bring it to your doorstep! Can't get any delicious than this! Order now!

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About FoodPanda

FoodPanda for all the food lovers like Panda! :P

Everybody loves food. And more so when it comes with convenience as well. And that is exactly what foodpanda offers.

Imagine yourself in these situations:

You wake up at 11 in the morning. And should be in office like 1 hour. You do not really have time to cook for yourself, do you? Nor do you have time to go out and get food for yourself? But you are starving. What do you rely on?

Or you are super hungry and are not in the mood to cook. You do not feel like going out either. What do you do?

Or the restaurants that are within your reach are not the ones you wish to order from?

Or you are not sure of what you want to eat and feel like checking all the restaurants out?

Or you do not wish to pay the entire bill and are looking for good food offers online?

Or an unexpected guest arrives and you have no idea what to treat him with?

In all these situations you need a friend you can trust, a friend that can get you food, a friend that can give you options across the city, a friend that will fulfill your hunger wish in less than 1 hour, a friend that will not charge you a lot for the delivery though petrol is costly, a friend that will never disappoint you. No, no! I am not talking about your facebook friends or college friends. I am talking about FoodPanda - where all your food needs are met. Your hunger is satiated. Cool, right?

Their motto is “Making online food ordering easier and faster”. And they stand true to it. Always. Since 2013, millions of customers have ordered through foodpanda continue to do so thanks to their super good service that no doubt is the best.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner - FoodPanda has it all. You can order any and every meal through FoodPanda from any place of your choice. All you have to do is type in your city and it will show you all restaurants that can be served to you, now take a quick glance and pick one and choose what you want to eat, add them to the cart and checkout. FoodPanda offers, FoodPanda coupons, FoodPanda deals, FoodPanda first time user coupon - There are many such great deals and discounts that FoodPanda has that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. You can find them all here on gosavin by typing in foodpanda. Now if you find a coupon code that you wish to use, enter it into the coupon box on FoodPanda and your bill will automatically reduce. Make sure you are logged in to place an order. Also that your number is right. Many a time customers create multiple accounts with different numbers that they don’t even use only to avail the foodpanda first time coupon and get flat 40% off. And then the next time they place the order they forget to change the number to the one they currently use and thereby end up you know giving the delivery guy a tough time. If your address is one of those non findable ones delivery guy will just be roaming around in your locality with no clarity at all. If he cannot deliver it you, its a bad remark on his profile, your stomach remains hungry and also your money goes waste. So always make sure you use the updated number to place your order. Then select the address correctly so that you won’t have to answer the delivery guys calls 10 times before you get your food. Give it right and he’ll only call you when he is there. Now make the payment. There are many wallets foodpanda supports. And there are offers when you pay with them too. Like Freecharge foodpanda offer, paytm foodpanda offer, mobikwik and foodpanda etc. Choose whichever one you like best and place the order. Now just sit back and relax or continue doing whatever you were doing while the restaurant guy prepares your order. Foodpanda will then assign a delivery guy to your order and he’ll then pick up the order and deliver to you. If he has trouble locating you, he’ll call you, just make sure you help him with the proper directions. Now dig in once the order comes to you. As simple as that, quite seamlessly done! Delicious, right? I think so too.

FoodPanda restaurants offer as much as upto 40% discount on their menus and some of them deliver free of charge. They work 24/7, they do late night deliveries as well. If it is a special event they deliver cakes too.

There is a certain foodpanda corporate program too with these features. Best lunch delivery option in India. It was launched in 2015 fall.

  • Easy Access: Add users, departments, multiple company locations, and expense codes.

  • Detailed Reporting: Download your ordering reports to guarantee transparency.

  • 100% Control: Create budget rules to define employees' allowances and order frequency.

  • A Single Invoice: All orders are combined into bi-monthly invoices to make accounting easy.

FoodPanda also has a takeaway and pre ordering option. If the restaurant is closer to you and you want to take away but do not want to wait at the restaurant - order a takeaway and pick it up from the restaurant. Or if the restaurant is not open at the moment or if you have plan a meal before hand, use their pre order option and have it delivered at the specified time. Cool, right?

For any queries:

Should you have any concerns or would you want to give them feedback, please do not hesitate to contact their customer service team by using their Live Chat feature on their foodpanda App or website, or by sending an email at foodpanda India Corporate Office is located at Plot no. 82 A, Sector 18, Gurgaon, Haryana-122015

Latest News on FoodPanda

What's happening in FoodTech space?
Posted on:

Food Tech Industry in India is billion dollars market. It is touted to be a $78 billion dollar market which is growing at a rate of 16% annually. Now when this space is this cluttered obviously everybody wants a piece of it or thinks they can get a piece of it. No wonder the space seems to be highly cluttered with startups sprouting from everywhere. Food Tech companies though have been in nothing but losses for so long now. Hence all the investors are skeptical when asked to invest in food tech companies. Nobody wants losses. And this resulted in a funding squeeze in 2016 with many companies desperately looking for funds and investors declining their requests. Despite such squeeze food tech industry online saw a cool 150% increase in their order volumes. It’s a well known fact that many startups have been scaling their operations down owing to lack of funds and all. Most of them shut down when they are done burning their fingers too. But a few players like FoodPanda, Swiggy and Zomato survive. They are so well footed in the market, they don’t really have to worry about any of this any time soon.

But what’s ruining it for the food tech startups? Here is our take on it.

Many people walk into it with ambition without really weighing pros and cons. No matter what sort of innovative ideas they come up with at the end of the unit economics and deep discounts kill them. Both of which they can do nothing about. Probably would’ve been better if they could retain customers after incurring such losses to acquire them. But no, every other day one or the other companies and starts throwing fresh discounts. And customers move to them instead. Fact is at least in India customers love discounts, the moment they are gone there ends their loyalty. So whatever USP you come up with, it doesn’t really work. Because there is always going to be another company out there which will give them what they want.

Take for example, FoodPanda, throws a clean 40% discount the first time one orders. And on top of it most of the restaurants on it are asked to throw up to 40% OFF discount. Most customers choose it for what they have to offer. And the moment these offers are gone, nobody will even look at FoodPanda.

Same goes with Swiggy, offering a flat Rs.75 on first order and then free deliveries for orders above Rs.200.

And Zomato which doesn’t do deliveries for most restaurants on its platforms but gets restaurants to throw discounts to be listed on their platform and be seen as affordable options. Zomato probably throws lesser discounts compared to FoodPanda and Swiggy. A flat 15% OFF on first order.

But none of these companies seem to have gotten it right though. All of them are in losses. So what went wrong? First, Unit economics. They burn the cash most. Say FoodPanda delivers an order for Rs.29 (their usual rate). And the restaurant pays them a commission of 15%. And the delivery guy is paid 24000 a month including incentives and does 10 orders a day. That would mean the deliver guy gets paid Rs.80 per order. Now what foodpanda gets for this order. Say order value is Rs.150. 15% of that would mean Rs.22.5. And the customer pays Rs.29. That makes it Rs.51.5. Which would mean a loss of Rs.29.5. Negative margins. On top of it they throw discounts which burn their pockets even deeper. And there are fixed costs to talk about. And staff costs. Looking at all these figures when do you even think FoodPanda will break even? Same goes with Swiggy and Zomato. And most of other startups Faasos, Freshmenu etc. Many startups like Tinyowl though seem to be doing well initially end up shutting shop for the same reason. But they say their customer base grows. What customer base? Ones who will run to any other company if they were offered the product for Rs.1 less? I mean, what’s the point! Probably that is what investors realized after crores and crores of investments and losses. They decided to stop investing in FoodTech space for a while. Until unit economics are sorted, future doesn’t look bright for food tech companies. However major they are like FoodPanda.

There were news that FoodPanda was planning on existing India, but the company came forth and denied all such rumors. And in turn they also made a claim that they’d make India one of their top 3 markets. How? Remains to be seen.

Swiggy on the other hand is said to be in talks to raise at least $50 million (around Rs 325 crore) in fresh funding, as it looks to beef up its war chest to take on bigger rivals Foodpanda and Zomato. In Indian market atleast according to FY2015-2016 Swiggy is behind FoodPanda and Zomato. Zomato’s revenue from India business was around Rs 90 crore in that financial year. Foodpanda India’s revenue was Rs 37.8 crore while Swiggy posted nearly Rs 24 crore revenue in 2015-16. So obviously it would need more money to beat the competition.

There are certain things that FoodPanda does differently. Like breakfast delivery. UberEats, Deliveroo and FoodPanda recognise what’s claimed to be the day’s most important meal. That is breakfast. Most of the professionals are always in a run to reach office or catch the trains in the morning. So they end up starting their days with just a coffee. This in a way also affects their performance. You know after breakfast is a meal that shouldn’t be skipped. So these companies are investing real efforts into making breakfast available to all Indians. That certainly is a good thing.

Customers too - As  if the convenience of getting your doorstep wasn’t enough, why look for discounts? Leave the poor companies alone!

Well a few of these companies did try differently. But apparently none of them worked out. Like a company which would let customers place order that would combine items from multiple restaurants and deliver as a single order. Obviously burning their hands with it made them realise it was time to shut shop. And so they did.

And as if that wasn’t already killing foodtech space in India, Google made its entry with Areo. Now Google has tech. Google has customers. Google has money. Does that mean bad days for all these food tech companies? Let’s wait and see.

But there's been a slight change in the trend since the beginning of 2017. Investors are tightening their reserve and are letting money into food tech startups like the latest fingerlix investment. Good times or bad times - we will figure out soon.

FoodPanda - Food Ordering & Delivery Services Online
Posted on:

Foodpanda is one of food ordering and food delivery services offering both online and offline, since foodpanda has its physical stores in some places. Foodpanda delivers the best delicious food orders online with the best restaurants existing in and around your location with the special dishes of that particular region and all the different traditional food items of all over India. Foodpanda is one of most commonly used as food delivering service in major cities like bangalore, hyderabad, mumbai, chennai, delhi, gurgaon and many other more than 100 cities in India. Not only in India Foodpanda is offering its best online food delivery services in 40 countries globally all over the world with a simple few clicks of Search For Location, Order, Pay and Enjoy the food which would be directly get delivered to the door step of customers. Foodpanda not only shows the restaurants in and around your location it even also helps you find the best top restaurants in that city and helps you to easily order the food through its desktop and mobile applications online, with all its m-sites online.

Foodpanda provides the best food delivering services online and various offers and coupons on it. GoSavin provides the complete information about the food delivery coupons and offers offered bu foodpanda like foodpanda coupon, foodpanda coupon codes, foodpanda discount coupons, foodpanda voucher, foodpanda offers, best offers for food online order, foodpanda voucher codes, foodpanda voucher code today, foodpanda coupons paytm, foodpanda promotion code, online food delivery coupons and many other online food delivery service offers and offer codes. Foodpanda provides various offers on its orders which helps you to Eat More & Pay less and help to you prevent from all delivery charges and taxes online. Foodpanda provides you best payment options online offers by ordering or getting paid through wallets or online etc.

Foodpanda provides the best food delivering services online and even also ordering and getting paid easily in simple way like foodpanda delivers its food services directly to its customers with its best delivery of service called "Foodpanda Express Guarantee" which delivers within or less than 45 minutes and getting paid through freecharge wallet with the huge offers over it online. Foodpanda has built a fantastic position and service offering in some of the largest food delivery markets globally by getting partnered with Delivery Hero and providing the fast good express delivery of foods online. Foodpanda has merged with Pizzas Hut and has launched Triple Treat Box In Festive season which helped both to grow economically in food category online. Foodpanda now offering its best services in food delivering and ordering zone with Rocket Space internet helped foodpanda to grow in these days economically in Asia. Foodpanda is one of the most popular and best online food delivering and ordering services online with its best user interface and even available in the form of restaurant.