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Various online travel booking websites got merged and have been increasing their technology and improving their bookings online. But cleartrip which is a Chinese online travel  website has been single and stood up with its best online bookings of travel. Other travel booking websites have been offering the cashbacks or offers o their bookings but cleartrip has invented two new features through its app and has grown itself in e-commerce industry and now it has acquired Skyscanner, which is a UK based company & it even got partnered with Trip Villas and Home Exchange In Asia which helps you find the best ways of getting the market acquainted by getting or raising funds through them online.

The 2 new features invented by cleartrip are Price Lock, here we can lock the price of particular flight to avoid the fluctuations caused by flights, bookings and many other reasons, in this case we can keep that price for some days then we can get booked or cancel the price and it even helps if you cancel the ticket after locking the price then you can get the money in return

The Another Feature of cleartrip is Pay In Hotel, in this you can book the hotel in online and can pay in the hotel and if the hotel doesn't meet your need then you can get the required hotel or cancel the booking. Cleartrip is offering various services that are user friendly and helps to get in the e-commerce market.