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What it means and takes to be a Go-Getter

In life, so often are we faced with a decision to chase or be chased. No, I am not just talking about jobs. This holds true for all matters in our life, be it jobs, relationships or friendships. We all have an image of how our life is supposed to be like. Some of you may be go-getter types who work towards getting it, while others may be everything-happens-for-a-reason types who are willing to leave things in the hands of destiny.

To get what you want, it’s necessary that you be a go-getter.

You are into a girl/guy and you don’t show it, how will they ever know of your feelings? How will they ever come be with you? Aren’t you loosing out on chances you might have had if only you had expressed? A go-getter stands a chance.

You have a dream job. If you don’t try and prove yourself worthy of it and let your candidacy be known, will you be chosen? Again a go-getter stands a chance.

You are presented with two options, always. Either to go get it or just let it come to you. You can choose either. With the former you get what you take and with the latter you take what you get.

Now which one are you? Answer the following and we’ll see.

Do you go to bed with a dream and wake up with it?

This would mean you are committed to your dream. You don’t just put it in a box and close the lid, never to see the light of day. You take it out, play with it, give it some air.giphy-8

Do you prefer being proactive to being reactive?

Let’s say you’re in choppy waters. You look more at ease. It’s not just that you anticipate the waves. You’re in tune with them. You are not desperately trying to escape them; instead you are dancing with them. Your image is the one that of grace under stress.


Do you consider failure a feedback rather than a set back?

It’s easy to forget the basic rules and feel like a failure after something doesn’t work out. But you choose the hard way, you don’t let failure beat you up. Instead you learn from it.


Do you make your own destiny instead of just letting life happen to you?

You believe that it is not in the stars but your hands to make your destiny.


Do you live life by “make it or break it” funda?


Do you love what you do and put more efforts in working it out, instead of just giving up which is much easier?

Just because you love something doesn’t mean you get it easy. You face hardships too. But you choose not to quit, you choose to hang on and achieve it at any cost.


Do you enjoy every moment of your life though you live a very disciplined life?

People often mistake disciplined for a less interesting life. But you don’t. You enjoy every moment of it.


Do you hold yourself responsible and accountable?

You are not tempted to throw blame at others when things don’t go right. You stand up and take responsibility for it.


Do you have an unflinching belief in yourself?

Often people lose faith in themselves over trivial things. But you don’t. You believe in yourself and that you can make it happen.


Do you leave your comfort zone if there be need?

Who doesn’t like a comfort zone? But unlike others instead of staying just in it, you take a step outside and explore even if it makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable.


Do you have the appetite to take risk?

You go where there is no path and make a trail. You don’t just say “No risk, Only reward”.


Do you prefer company of like-minded people?

You surround yourself with like-minded people.



If you answered “yes” to most of the questions, YAY!!! You are a go-getter!

If you aren’t, don’t start worrying yet. There are many courses online that can give you the boost needed to get there. Try Udemy or NIIT.



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