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Confused? Here’s what you should do!

Confused? First of all, Relax! You don’t have to beat yourself up about it. You don’t have to stay up all night thinking. And you definitely don’t have to make every living moment so hard until you find a way out. All you have to realise is that the answer is almost always right there, in front of you, looking at you with those sanguine eyes – hoping that you’ll make it easier and take the right call soon – and yet you can’t see it, despite it being so obvious. Because that’s the kind of seeing you have to do with your heart, not with your eyes.

In life, you might often find ourselves stuck in a quagmire of confusion where you are unsure of which way to turn to. It isn’t uncommon.  Not something that exclusively happens to you. It is a state of mind that no living being can escape from. It isn’t necessarily always about making major decisions such as choosing a life partner or your next best job, very very trivial ones like picking a movie to watch or a restaurant to eat out at can have you thinking for hours before you finally settle on something.

But you know what’s common in all these situations apart from the fact that they all confuse you? It’s that they all pass!. Journey goes on whichever road you take. Until the destination. What’s more important is that you enjoy the ride. And that might actually depend on the road you choose to traverse. Smooth path might take you there faster but if rocky one keeps you happier – that’s the one you should take.

Then again, how would you know which one you would like?  

And that is something this little trick can help you with!

You know what options you have! Now write them down on a paper and stick them on your mirror or in your bedroom or on your laptop, whichever place you look at more often. Give it a day or two. And you’ll have your answer looking at you, quite literally.

Deep down in your heart you have always known the answer! It just hasn’t surfaced yet.

The more you look at those posters, the more you would be inclined to focus on those words that you like seeing most. It’s your heart showing you what you need to see. And in time, your answer would be the only thing you look at on the poster. Rest of it runs into the oblivion.

Have questions about it working? Give it a shot and find out for yourself.


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That’s a wonderful article sakshi 🙂
Keep up the good work.

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