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Trekker’s Packing Guide – Must haves

We must risk going too far to know just how far we can go”  

Trekking undoubtedly is an exhilarating and magnificent adventure activity that helps rediscover yourself. However much preoccupied we are with our mechanical lifestyles it is imperative that we take out some leisure time from our busy schedules and enjoy the enchanting mother nature.

Trekking, once you start, can be highly addictive. The enthusiasm of seeing the challenging, but virgin, beautiful lands, ‘enjoying’ the glories of the day & the fears of the night, ‘discovering’ your abilities, appreciating human connect & help, learning the magnitude & the magnanimity of Mother Nature, graduating your thresholds, and endorsing ‘you only live once’.. Undertaking calculated physical risks opens your mental boundaries and makes you emotionally even. Fitness is a beautiful side effect here. The clarity as a person helps you deal with life at all levels, both personal & professional. You understand higher the risk, better the returns.

That said, if you actually are planning to go on a trek, regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert, these are few items you must carry with you.


Dehydration can ruin your trek experience for you, so carry lots and lots of water if you can. But usually you can find water source anywhere you go. So we recommend carrying a personal water purifier instead as it will reduce the weight you will have to carry significantly.


You will burn a lot of carries while you are it, and you will need to refuel every once in a while. Bring nourishing and light weight snacks with you, avoid heavy items.388a104817784a6bdcee20fb6504d5faFirst Aid Kit:

Include a first adi kit in your pack, just in case. At a minimum, the kit should contain bandages, antiseptic, tape and painkillers like aspirin.

1-first-aid-kit-1024x822GPS or Compass:

It’s best to carry mobile phones completely charged so you can track any location through GPS. But excessive reliance on technology might hurt if we do not have a plan B. Carry a map and compass, learn to use them before the trek starts.


Proper Clothing:

Trekking is usually done in forests trails, hill-capped mountain trails or any other terrain. If the trek is in summer season, carry cotton clothes. If the trek is in winter season or in a snow filled area, thick woollen attire would be appropriate.  In both cases, it is better to have spare attire in case of rainfall or snowfall.



If you do not want to end up burning your skin, make sure you add a sun screen to your list. Also, a pair of sun glasses.



Lamp or Torch light:

It gets darker in these places. Make sure you pack a Torch light or lamp. Don’t forget to carry extra batteries.cree-xml-2000lm-font-b-led-b-font-flashlight-torch-light-t6-cree-xm-l-aluminumRucksack:

To put all these in, you’ll need a bag. Preferably light weight and water proof.


Trekking Stick:



Also carry a pocket knife, insect repellant, toiletries and a fire starter.

Have loads of fun on your trip!





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