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8 reasons why digital wallets are your bosom buddies on the next travel

Now a days everything has become online. Travel bookings, hotel bookings, everything and anything you can think of.
At first online payments, then Nokia introduced us to NFC payment method and so on. Now the era is of digital wallets arrived. Virtual money is valuable than the physical money especially when events like demonetization hit the economy.  In these rare situations you’ve opt to take a break and go travel in India. Here’s the list of 8 ways digital wallets are your bosom buddies on your next travel.

1. Easy to use


Remember when you were in a hurry to travel and missed something or the other and had to go-fetch it from super market/store. Because of this missing bus or being late for flight?

Thanks to the technology, now we can finish shopping in mere seconds with a simple tap/scan on our mobile devices. Buying things has become quicker and easier – thereby leading to a great sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, with transactions having become faster, checkout lines at stores have become much shorter. At least now you won’t have to worry about how long it’s going to take at the counter.

2. Hotel bookings


Travelling without cash or forgot your wallet? Don’t stress yourself out. You can now book a hotel room easily using digital wallets. Your accommodation for the next holiday trip is now set with a few clicks. You won’t ever have to worry about last minute travels. Digital wallets like Paytm have a different segment for hotel room bookings that helps you book a room directly from the app instead of using it as a wallet while you book rooms through other platforms.

3. It is safer than you think especially while traveling


Having a digital wallet on your phone is not an open door to your debit or credit card account. Retailers don’t have access to your card number because each transaction uses a unique, random transaction number—instead of your account or credit card number. In fact, your account number isn’t even stored on your phone. Your account information is encrypted, and can only be accessed via password, with some mobile devices or your fingerprint. Furthermore, if your card data is ever lost or stolen, banks can reissue another one instantly to your mobile phone, instead of having to wait days for a card to arrive in the mail. Should you ever misplace or lose your phone, you can lock your digital wallet from anywhere. Additionally, there is no fee for using digital wallets, and zero fraud liability is available through most credit cards.

4. When you’re hungry


It often so happens that we are most hungry when our pocket is least full. At times like that, to order food online and pay, these wallets come in handy.

5. No Effect of Demonetisation


After demonetisation the usage of mobile wallets and online payments have increased quite a lot. Almost every place accepts digital wallet payments or online payments these days. Saves you the trouble of having to go to ATM.

6. Digital wallets are Modern


Traditional cash-only businesses, such as craft fare and flea markets, can now accept debit and credit cards. This opens up a whole new perspective to payment methods in enormous markets, presenting many business openings and more noteworthy potential revenue.

7. Competitive Advantage

Digital wallets like paytm, mobikiwik provide a more convenient transaction processing method for customers, giving businesses that use this technology a competitive edge in the market. I am saying let them fight for you while you get more discounts and offers from each wallet.

8. Lower Costs


Employing the use of digital wallets removes the need for intermediaries, in a variety of forms. Booking may no longer need a cashier because the purchasing process becomes as simple as a tap or scan of a mobile device. Mobile apps like Paytm, Mobikiwik can replace expensive POS (point of sale) systems that will reduce transaction costs and you can easily plan your journey accordingly.


Not only while travelling, but the digital wallets are used to recharge, make bill payments, to transfer cash, to pay insurance, for online shopping (now a days offline too),to buy movie tickets, to place food orders, to book hotel rooms. Digital wallets don’t just help you travel cashless but in a lot many other ways such as those mentioned above. Appealing enough, these wallets also offer, discounts and cashback offers when payments are done with them. It’s easy as pie getting yourself a digital wallet account. Get yours today and please share your thoughts with us by adding a comment below.




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