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The 10 most common eating habits and what they say about you

Just about every small thing we do instinctively can be incredibly revealing of what we are. Not to mention the way we eat our food. You’d be surprised how much your eating habits speak about you. Remember the last time you sat around a table with a group of friends or family and had a meal. Did all of you eat at the same pace? In the same style? If answer is yes, read no further.

            “You are what you eat– an old saying goes, but once you finish reading this article you will understand You are how you eat too”!

Here are the 10 most popular ways of eating food and what they say about your personality. It may so happen that you fall into more than one categories as these are not mutually exclusive. Find out for yourself.

Slow Eater:

You live in the moment and savor your food to the best. You enjoy simple things in life and you pride yourself on being in control and believe there is never a good reason to get rattled. You put yourselves above all others and do what is right for you. You are your priority. This makes you look selfish. And often you find yourself alienating yourself from people who are not like you. But when you are with your friends, you are at your best, totally present and attentive.




Fast Eaters:

If you are a fast eater, you get through a meal as quickly as possible without even taking enough time to chew the food properly.



You are a multi tasker, know your competition all too well, and you always think 10 steps ahead of your current position. You put others and their feelings above you, this considerate nature makes you an extremely great catch in a relationship. However rushing through things implies you don’t give yourself enough time. Though this sounds okay for now, in the long run, you will feel like you missed out on a lot of experiences.

A piece of advice: Give yourself some time!


If you are an organised eater, you keep different foods on your plate separate, so they don’t touch.



You prefer order in your life. You usually keep your desk tidy and room very neat. But you sure have a problem with someone else sharing the responsibility of any of it, as you like it done a certain way. You may have issue with flexibility.

Piece of Advice: Loosen up a bit.


If you eat one food at a time, you tend to have issues with change. You finish your food one by one. Deep down you know there is a method to this madness.. You pay great attention to details in everything you do. Highly rigid. You might want to change that a bit if you want to go social.




If you take a bit of everything on your plate and then mix it together before taking your first bite, you are quite explorative and experimentative. You get a little bit of everything.



You are outgoing and have strong relationships with your friends. Only problem is that you often over-commit and have trouble prioritizing your tasks. You will lose focus and can’t concentrate.

Happy eaters:

If you are , you chew your food loudly, you make a lot of other odd noises while eating. You are what they call a free spirit, you don’t take other’s opinions to your heart. You are pretty straightforward in your life. As you don’t care much for what others think, it makes you look mannerless or rude though it isn’t actually so.




Do you cut up all the food and set it ready to eat before getting started? If so, you are strategic and planned. You are always one step ahead of others. You don’t like surprises. You have big dreams and you keep preparing for it, and often miss out on the present.



Piece of Advice: Good to chase dreams, but don’t forget to live the life.


If you love to try out every cuisine in the world and are always looking forward to your next best culinary experience, you are someone who isn’t averse to risk and in fact enjoys them. You are pretty outgoing. You are never boring and always have an interesting topic to talk about. You gotta be careful though, not to intimidate others who aren’t the same or as daring as you are.



Picky Eater:

Do you inquire a lot about menu and what goes into everything before you place an order? Is it especially relevant to you? If so, you like your comfort zone. You prefer jobs and tasks that you know inside out and backwards. You are also an inquisitive person who isn’t afraid to questions and thrives for knowledge.




If you adapt your eating pace based upon that of your companions, you can adapt to almost any environment comfortably and be open to whatever comes your way. You are known for easy going nature, but like everyone else you have a breaking point too. You have diverse groups of friends, most of whom run in different circles.



Though there are million other ways people might be eating, these are the most common according to Food-ology. None of these can be characterised as negative or positive, just that they are all different in their own ways.

Source: Food-ology




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