Bewakoof has the best collection of trendy apparel - both men and women, and mobiles cases and covers of trendy designs available at unbeatable prices. Bewakoof is soon to be India's largest fashion and apparel e-commerce store. Rightly so, given its uniqueness and the attention it attracted. Bewakoof has cool casual wear, trendy apparel, accessories and life style stuff. Bewakoof delivers them to your doorstep. Their mobile cases and covers are particularly good with their catchy lines and designs.

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About Bewakoof

Bewakoof actually means Idiot. Bewakoof is a person who follows his heart despite society's resistance and rules.  Bewakoof usually faces a lot of friction in his path considering its never treaded before. Yet it's the bewakoof in us that changes the world for better. Like someone rightly said,entrepreneur is someone who dreams impossible and is foolish enough to try making it real. So was the founder Mr. Singh. His first venture started out as a lassi cafe outside his college and it soon growth only to succumb to seasonal pleasure. What used to get orders like 80-100 soon fell to 4-5 orders. He had to shut shop. That didn't deter his relentless pursuit to be an entrepreneur. Later his efforts were put into Bewakoof a social media platform but soon pivoted to a unique casual wear created in house once he saw the potential there. There has been no looking back since then. Bewakoof the name attracted enough attention and brand recall. Bewakoof doesn't rely on heavy discounts and deals to acquire customers. It instead focuses on the quality and uniqueness of the products.

Bewakoof's products are on par with latest trends. Catchy lines and designs that strike a chord, they know the pulse of youth. Unsurprisingly Snapdeal's founder Kunal Bahl became an angel investor soon enough. This venture is one that claims to be profitable already and is looking at 100 crores earning already proving it's not just deals and discounts but the uniqueness that garners trust.  End to end every process is taken care of by Bewakoof in house and marketing online. They do the designing, warehousing, marketing all by themselves. 

The company primarily focuses on tier-II and III cities which, generally, do not have access to the latest fashion trends, and ships merchandise to over 20,000 PIN codes across India according to an article in the Hindu business online.

Best part about Bewakoof is the unbeatable prices. They charge no more than is needed. Quite affordable compared to a lot of other ecommerce sites.

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Latest News on Bewakoof

Bewakoof - Buy dresses from your favorite movie clips directly
Posted on:

Imagine living and experiencing a scene from your favourite movie at the exact same location, with the exact same clothes. Online portals can now help you turn that imagination into a reality. Choose any t-shirt or clothing from movie of your choice and place an order on Bewakoof and get it delivered to your doorstep. Bewakoof is a store that grew because of social media and lives up to the buzz it has created. 

"K K K Kiran," says one of the phone covers on, quoting Shahrukh Khan’s iconic dialogue from Darr. With products like the phone case, a mix of uber trendy quirky merchandise seeped in pop culture references, viral memes and puns, and quality basics have made Bewakoof one of the fastest growing fashion and lifestyle companies in India.

"We studied the market and realised that traditionally the branded apparel being sold was expensive, almost 5 to 8 times marked up from the manufacturing cost. We knew that we wanted to provide quality products at an affordable price point and realised that the best way to do that was to sell our products directly to the consumer via our own portal," says Singh.

This is something Bewakoof has continued to do controlling every part of its design, production and sale. Its website exclusively retails its products, attracts around 1.5 million users every month and has a subscriber base of 2 million.

Bewakoof - Rare India Event, Rarer Bewakoof event
Posted on:

Bewakoof, this store which has been one of the most loved e-commerce sites for the past few years has always been more into quality and service than into discounts and deals. Bewakoof proved it is not just deals and offers that atrract customers. They tried and tested and proved that this generation strives more for uniqueness than anything else. Bewakoof previously had only men category and designed t-shirts and products for them but at the year end of 2015 it saw the need for a special women category and incorporated the changes into their product. Ever since there has been no looking back for Bewakoof. Their unbeatable prices have become so affordable that people never saw it fit to ask for deals or discounts at their store anymore. 

Yet the recent events in India have urged them to do their part to help people and they decided to throw a 20% discount on all their products bought online. 

Humility is a virtue and it seems to be running in their veins. Lately Bewakoof has posted a designer t shirt on their site which was aimed at spreading awareness about saving girls but it actually was misinterpreted and was understood as a comment against gay marriages. One guy openly raised his voice against it and Bewakoof eventually pulled it down after apologising for not thoroughly analysing the meaning of their line which was only meant to help save girl child.  It was the most humble thing to do. Here's the reference.