Imagine this - Doctor writes you a prescription! You need them urgently. And you start running from one pharmacy to another until you find all of them. Not just wasting energy, when obviously you are already not well or are really tired. Not so cool, right? What if I told you could now order medicines online too? Wouldn't that be much much easier? All you have to do is upload prescription and order your medicines online and they'll be delivered right to your doorsteps. You can now find all offers on medicines delivery site 1mg.com on GoSavin. Find 1mg coupons, 1mg offers, 1mg discounts, 1mg first user coupons, 1mg first time coupon are among what you can find here on our site. So now add the convenience of ordering online with the affordability of medicines on our site! Find your coupons now!

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About 1mg

1mg.com - You can purchase medicines and drugs online from anywhere in India.

Their idea is quite simple. How can anyone suffering from an illness go himself to a chemist and get his medicines? He will either have to go himself or ask his friends to do it for him - thus depending on someone else to ensure his speedy recovery. True that friends are quite helping. But asking them to walk from medicine store to medicine store in their business schedules to get your medicines packed - that isn’t something you’d want to put them through, unless it is extremely mandatory. So what 1mg does is quite simple, it makes online medicine ordering easy. For all your health needs are just a click away now. Not just that you can also book appointments online with best doctors nearby. So apart from medicine online ordering their focus is also on making healthcare accessible and affordable. As a user you will get plenty of options in terms of medicine substituents. Choose what’s best for you, always! Not what you can get!

Now you can also know a lot about the medicine you are ordering through 1mg. Doctor might be prescribing you certain medicines, what they do is provide you with equally good and effective substitutes. This is a lot of work taken off your shoulders. You can rest and relax while they deliver all healthcare needs at your doorstep. All you have to do is focus on your recovery. Isn’t that quite a lot done for yourself? You have 1mg to thank for it.

1mg currently operates for prescription medicinesin Delhi - NCR, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad and all major cities in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Non-prescription and health care products are delivered in Pan India.

You’ll find more than 100k medicines vetted by certified pharmacists on 1mg website. Whenever you are ordering medicines online, you can also attach your prescription whenever you are comfortable doing so. They also have Ayurvedic and homeopathic categories where there are wide range of medicines. That would mean they are across a lot of streams providing all health care needs. Not just this, they also provide a lot of other health care products like diabetes devices, mother and child care and etc. These are sold most on their website too. You can not just order medicine online but also book appointments online or buy products that will help you keep track of your health. Just think of any health care - there are products and deals for it on 1mg.

How you do it on 1mg is quite simple too. Open the 1mg website, click on any offer on gosavin.com and you’d be taken to the 1mg website in a different tab. Now go to the redirected page and search for medicines online, from the list add all those you want to the cart. Alternatively you can check for the substituents and select one of them too. Once done, all you have to do is checkout. If a medicine you are ordering for is prescription drug, then you will have to upload the prescription for your order to be confirmed. All you have to do is take a scanned copy of your prescription and upload it on their website. Buy health care products online that do not need a prescription too, in that case you can check out without having to add prescription to your order. Now go on and order whatever you need online. In case you are stuck somewhere, contact them.

Contact: Write to care@1mg.com for customer support, feedback, order requests and any others issues. Or you can call them on 0124-4166666. They are available throughout the week.

Among many other things you could do online on 1mg, you can also book appointments online. They have a list of doctors and their specializations in all the cities they serve in. All you have to do is look for a doctor in your locality and book an appointment online. Gynaecologist, Child Specialist, Dentist, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Neurologist, Psychologist - you can find any of them online and book appointments easily.

Now when you meet these doctors, they might prescribe some tests that you need to get done in laboratories. Probably 1mg thought why leave diagnostic tests alone, they integrated that onto their website too. Now you don’t need to wait for hours and hours in physical laboratories and testing centers. You can book a free sample pickup online. Someone will come to your doorstep and pick up the sample. All the diagnostic labs that are registered with them have been on boarded only after thorough checks, so your samples are safe and tests are hassle free. What more can you ask for.

Don’t have to go out to get medicine, you can directly book appointment online and you can also get your laboratory tests done easily. Cool stuff!

Now if you have a headache or a stomach ache or you are simply looking to buy a product that would tell you whether you’ve diabetes or if you are pregnant or if you have fever  or if you need to see a doctor for an issue or if you need to get your urine or blood tested - Just go to 1mg.com and get it all done at the comfort of your couch. Oh wait - don’t ask if the doctor is going to come, no! He won’t. You will have to go to him.

Hit 1mg.com for all your medical needs from now on.

OTC categories they have - Weight management, nutritionals, diabetes care, baby care, hair care, skin care and oral care, Cough and cold, patanjali products, sexual wellness, pain relief, eye care, elderly care, stomach care. Among the popular OTC products are Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser, Revital Capsules, Horlicks Junior powder chocolate,Calcirol sachets, Pampers, Anti hair fall serums etc.

Among health products you will find diabetes monitoring, diabetes supplements, protein supplements, health food and drinks, vitamin supplements, amway nutrition, homeopathy, himalaya herbals, weight management, home care devices, skin care, ayurveda, women care, baby care, pain relief, respiratory care, eye care, oral care, fever medicines and fist aid kits.

Kind of doctor appointments you could book through 1mg - Find them under Doctors. Categories included here are - Ayurveda, bone and joint specialist, cancer specialist, eye specialist, dentist, child specialist, diabetes specialist, dietician, ENT specialist, general physician, gynaecologist, heart specialist, homeopathy, infertility, neurologist, pain and stress management, psychiatrist, sexologist, skin specialist, urologist. You could find related consultation under eConsult for all these categories.

Under labs you could also find personalised packages that would be quite useful to you and affordable too. Whole Body Wellness, Executive health, healthy heart, vitamin, diabetic care, genetic, women wellness, basic health, strong bones and a lot of other packages you could choose from. Alternatively you can search for tests by typing in the box allotted for. Free home sample pickup, compare certified laboratories across the city and also get reports online.

Under Articles tab you could find a lot of information related to health. Whether you are looking to find out what causes a certain illness, or are reading to know how to prevent one or are looking to learn about the need that is to be taken post a health issue. You will find it all here.

When you order a product but are planning to return it here is what you have to do:

  1. Raise a return request by sending email on care@1mg.com or call on 0124-4166666.

  2. Now once your claim is reviewed by 1mg.com which usually takes less than 72 business hours.

  3. If your claim is identified as genuine and reasonable, 1mg will initiate the collection of products to be returned.

  4. Whatever package you received your items in, make sure you repack them in the same package.

Now don’t hesitate to use their services next time you’ve a health care need.

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